Undoubtedly, 2020 is a difficult year for humanity, but what South Africa achieved or done better than other nations?

First of all while the rest of the world is divided on issues such as with or without mask, distance or herd immunity, and how often to do disinfection, South Africa is united.

Masks are mandatory in every public place. In and out of every business you are sanitized. Ahead of checkouts the space is marked to facilitate adherence of social distance.

Not only that, but South Africans do not complain or worry about all these measures. Even the bad boy from the political space and opposition to everything, did not jump into radical rhetoric this time.

Obviously, the unity of the Rainbow Nation is back. This time to fight together with the health hazard that comes with COVID-19.

In 2020, as households in other emerging markets begin to borrow, South African households are showing restraint. This financial wisdom of the consumer has partly prevented the country from borrowing binge.

Believe it or not, South African richest have taken decent and early position to help small businesses survive. Two of the richest donated a billion each to the small business relief fund. Something that most of the world’s billionaires’ club missed.

For now South Africa monetary policy is avoiding the ” sweet poison” of Zero and negative interest rates. Both are not sustainable and undermine wealth accumulation and aggravate social inequality. SA’s inequality is high anyway and a vicious policy that tolerates it further would have disastrous results.


Along with the first but committed steps against corruption, South African society is given the opportunity to become fair and just.

Last but not least, South Africans are embracing innovations and improvements to address social distancing, power outages and water shortages.

Guided by the world’s most advanced constitution, for the past 25 years, in the face of the global crisis of 2020, most, if not all, South Africans have risen to “one nation, one goal”.

Happy Heritage Day, South Africa!