advertisingWe want to give you the most convenient way to get brand awareness and online exposure for your business without the hustle of investing and developing own website, hosting account, SSL (secure socket layer) etc.

At Locall we got you covered.

The process to start is simple.

First thing you need to do is to head over to locall.co.za and open a listing for your business.

Once you complete the registration and payment process your business listing will be reviewed and once approved, new online possibilities will be opened..

What are the benefits of being a Locall member and running your business on Locall?

On your own web page at Locall you will be able to do the following:

1 – Choose a web style from 6 different responsive, mobile friendly designs to suit your business needs.

2 – Give the best and most important information about your business in details such as working hours, FAQ section, Special Features section, own gallery section and more.

3 – You can create and post on your page a coupon code to offer to the visitors and attract more prospects and clients if you are selling products or service.

4 – Do you need to run an event for your business? Sorted! You have the options to create and schedule event which will be visible not only on your own web page but on the Home page of Locall as well.

5 – You will have a lead form, perfect for building your database and keep in touch with your clients and prospects.

6 – You can have your social media accounts integrated and icons on your web page for easy social media interaction.

7 – All your details such as physical address, phone numbers, email addresses etc. can be presented on your page if you wish.

8 – You can save your page profile on your mobile home screen ready for sharing and editing at any time.

9 – At Locall we do Artificial Intelligence data mining for best performing keywords for our ad campaigns, based on all our members’ niches which benefits everyone listed on Locall.

10 – You get extra benefits from the Locall’s own advertising campaigns.

As you see, the most important features to run your business online you have straight in your fingertips without the need of buying a domain name, hosting, maintaining your site etc.

Furthermore, you will not need to spend time and extra money for maintenance, system outage and many more technical issues if they occur.

You will only need to keep your business profile updated.

All of those only by being a member of Locall.

How much a business listing at Locall cost?

Membership at Locall with the all possibilities to run a successful business online, cost:

  • 2999 Rand per year, which makes it less that299 Rand per month.
  • 299 Rand per month on a month-to-month basis, if you prefer monthly subscription.
  • Creating event, cost (the most popular package) 100 Rand for 10 events (insanely cheap).

Let’s continue with what normally would’ve cost you if you have your own website, domain name, hosting account:

  • 90 Rand per year for a domain name.
  • 300 Rand per month minimum for a decent hosting account.
  • 1500 Rand per month minimum for a maintenance if you are not a techie.

So, in comparison we get to these calculations:

  • Locall listing – 2999 Rand per year plus 10 events 100 Rand = 3099 Rand per year.
  • Running own website – 21690 Rand per year.

Even if you save half of the maintenance expenses for an year you will come down to 12690 Rand which is still much above 3099 Rand.

All these expenses of running own website are without SEO optimisation, tag optimisation or any advertising which are, however default features of your Locall business profile page.

So, think for yourself, do your own calculations and if you think this is a good fit for your business go ahead and take action. Time is money!