As we are in unprecedented times with the COVID-19 virus that affecting tremendously the hospitality industry, our priority is to keep our staff and guests safe.

Bellow we will cover the most important precautions we take in our restaurant to achieve the safety of our dine-in guests.

To keep a clean environment we start with the staff’s personal hygiene.

Every shift when arrive is checked for the body temperature and overall health conditions.

If a staff member shows any signs of health discomfort is not accepted to work.

During the working hours we have multiple scheduled cleanings, and sanitizing of the kitchen, and dining floor with strong and effective sanitizing detergents.

All those disintegrating the oily membrane of the virus.

Such hand sanitizers are offered to our guests at the entrance as well.

With immediate effect we scale down our patrons to less than 100 people at any given time.

We make sure to sit the clients on tables that are at least 2 m apart from each other.

After each client the table top is sanitized, as well as the chairs and menus, the table cloth, glasses and utensils are changed with clean ones.

The waiters are well trained to wash and sanitize their hands after each served table and again before serving the next one.

Low-contact food ordering how-to:

You can order a takeaway food now and come to collect it from the entrance opposite Pivot hotel, first entrance from Witkopen rd.

When you arrive just phone us (remember to save our phone number – 011 511 1986) and we will bring it for you together with a credit card machine.

The regulations also dictate that all on-consumption premises selling liquor, like Donatellas, must stop liquor sale between 6pm and 9am on weekdays and Saturday, and from 1pm on Sundays and public holidays.

Therefore, you are invited to the alcohol-free 00 Donatellas.

Please NOTE: Donatellas will be closed from Monday to Wednesday and will be open on Thursday from 3 pm till late, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday with normal working hours – from 12 am till late.