One of the most important steps in your business-growth strategy is your online presence. 

This is vital due to the fact that in a digital world without borders, products and service delivery will travel faster.

You have to use the opportunity to utilize online-presence to serve on your growth, development, and progress. 

In a word, technology gives us endless possibilities

Below we would like to give you 6 tips to boost your business digitally on the internet.

advertising# 1 Advertising

With the 1.5 billion websites on the World Wide Web (www) that are trying to reach some presence on the net, you should agree that Advertising is digital gold. 

Firstly, there are a few steps in advertising that would be enough for you to begin.

PPC (Pay Per Click). With PPC you simply set up an advertising campaign, let’s say with Google, for instance. 

PPA (Pay Per Action). This type of advertising is similar to PPL (Tip #4) but this time you pay only when someone clicks on an ad that the affiliated business has created for you and a purchase is made.

You normally pay a percentage of the sale from that purchase. 

PPS ( Pay Per Share). This is the type of advertising offered by Locall, which can be interpreted as a digital “shopping center” with the listed businesses being the “tenants”. 

Usually, you pay just a fraction of the advertising, new technology integration, maintenance, etc. PPS advantage is that they have identified niches, which saves time, capital, and hustle. 

After all, there are many more advertising strategies, but you usually test which one works best for your business and stick to it. 

After you start generating revenue, then you can start testing more strategies.

You have to optimize your campaigns based on demographics, gender, geo locations, and many more. 

# 2 Affiliates

Growing your business through affiliate marketing is sweet because, simply said, you pay someone a percentage from the sales to promote your business, bring leads, and generate sales for you. 

In this way, they make sales 24/7 and boost your small business without your presence.

Again, this depends on what industry you are in. If you are in a hot niche you can attract many affiliates to generate a nice revenue for your business.

# 3 eCommerce

eCommerce is very hot today. This can be explained by the fact that many people are moving from running a physical shop to creating an online shop. 

This helps to avoid tons of expenses like rent, too many salaries, dealing with renovations, landlords, water, electricity, and many more. 

How can you benefit from eCommerce if your business is not related to selling products?

Let’s say you have a wedding venue. Besides advertising, you run to bring clients to your venue you can put everything together and create an eBook that can be sold digitally.

Wedding planning, wedding dresses ideas, and anything that can help a young couple to have the best experience in their lives, this is your knowledge and experience for sale.

As a matter of fact, an e-book will bring revenue in quite a time and help you to have educated clients. 

# 4 Lead generation

 Lead generation can be a very powerful strategy for business owners. 

Growing your database should be one of the top priorities in your business growth strategies.

You simply need to register your business as a merchant in one of those advertising networks that offer Pay Per Lead advertising.

 This time instead of paying per click like when you run your own advertising campaigns, you have to pay per every lead that is generated for you.

There are companies that pay from average $0.80 up to even $200 per single lead (email subscription). 

This is based on the business’ advertising budget. 

Even the biggest companies in the world have advertising budgets and never stop generating new leads.

# 5 SaaS (Software as a service)

Due to today’s’ hyperactivity, it is very difficult, almost impossible, to do everything that needs to be done yourself, for the good of your business. 

Here we come to outsourcing. For outsourcing, you need to look for such SaaS to make your life simpler. 

Let’s give a very simple example. Let’s presume you are generating leads, growing your customer database. 

You need to interact with them, keep them informed about your business, notify them about your new products, etc. 

So, instead of sending emails manually, you can use an autoresponder service to send a bulk newsletter with your information.

This way, you free a lot of your valuable time and on the other hand, you are dealing with people who have developed solid maintenance of this SaaS, as well as customer support, so you do not need to worry if you can achieve what you need with it.

# 6 Membership

One of the methods to boost your small business through the Internet is to have a membership system on your website.

Recurring income is really sweet but you need to engage with your members, keep them informed and offer them lots of value to make sure you keep a high CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) and maintain the strength of your customer base.

To create a good membership option you have to think about what you can offer. For example, if you are an accounting firm, you can offer an invoice system to your clients. 

This will not only ease the communication between you and your clients but will open the possibility for developing AI and transform your business into a utility.  

To be able to encourage your clients to become paid members you must build a strong relationship and provide good customer service.

By doing this you build trust and a network. Once you achieve this your clients will buy from you without hesitation.

These are the options that you have to consider implementing in your business growth strategies.

“ You wouldn’t buy a bad egg, why buy a bad strategy?”